Marion & Ben

Park visits and wildlife - Suzan Stolk


Let me introduce myself, my name is Suzan Stolk and together with my father I travelled throught Tanzania in the summer of 2012. We had a lot of projects to follow up on and somewhere between al those visits, my biggest wish was to visit the parks and see the wild life!

But how does one organize this?
We were very lucky to find out that Marion, who we already knew from the Netherlands, organized these trips together with Bernard. We contacted her and she really helped us to organize the best tour ever! I gave here the dates we could be there and she arranged everything perfectly.

To me she has proven to be very familiar with the optional details and can explain that in such a way that you feel very confortable with the organization behind the scenes. She had us picked up and brought back to the places we needed to be, and on time!

Our trip was amazing, we were able to visit three parks in three days and got the see the best side of them! We saw al the wild-life except the leopard..... but one can not have it all! So, that would be a good reason to come back. And for sure, I would have Marion organize the trip again.