Marion & Ben

6-day Safari, 5-days Zanzibar - Joop and Marian


"In july we had a great holiday in Tanzania. First, we stayed in Moshi to feel the local life. We also visited several projects for children in Mdawi. On 8 july Bernard took us in his nice safaricar to Arusha NP. This was our first meeting with wildlife. It was beautiful with nice views and lots of animals. Especially at the end of the day when about 50 elephants crossed the street near, befor and behind our car. Wow!! Later we had a six day safari to Lake Manyara NP, Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. Bernard showed us, during magnificent driving, lots of lions, hippos, giraffes etc. Nice to see thousands of zebra's and wildebeatst crossing the rivers and running across the savannahs. Bernard is a very good driver and speaks English very well. Marion organized the lodges and hotels in a professional way. She speaks English, German, Swahili and ofcourse Dutch. We will never forget these safari trips and a cultural tour near Lake Manyara including a vistit to a Masai village. At the end Marion organized a five day trip to Zanzibar. We stsayed in the old Stone Town where we enjoyed a city tour.

We had a wonderfull time and can highly recommend the service offered by Caracal Tours & Safaris!"