Marion & Ben

13 days trip by Martino and Milani


We had a great experience in Tanzania..It was all above expectations.

The combined 13 days trip with wildlife, nature, tribe visits and projects was great, beautiful and also an emotional adventure. But above all the we enjoyed the nice and beautiful people.

Wild Life, landscape:
The visits to the parks (Manyara, Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti) was superb not only did we saw almost all the animals, we also saw them in action (lion against buffalo and group of lions against a wild hog). Amazing how Bernard has sharp eyes like a radar but also his knowledge and passion about the nature made us even more enthousiastic. The trips to Empakai and Lake Natron gave us a good feeling about Tanzania further away from the mass tourism. The good breakfast, lunch and dinner from Albert did the rest. We enjoyed the food.

The tribes visits were also great. The Datoga, the Massai and especially the Hadzabe was special. We went hunting with them in the early morning what gave and sort of surialistic feeling.

The projects:
We slept 2 days in the village of Mdawi in a guesthouse mainly run by shelter children. They were so nice and so adorable that we left with tears in our eyes and hearts. The thankfulness of the children was heartbreaking and many people can learn from there intens feeling when they enjoy simple things like a balloon or a football. We will be shure that we gonna try to do something for them from the Netherlands

They say that once you visit Africa you fall in shure happened to us and we sure come back (maybe the centre, south and west of Tanzania). And one thing we learned in Tanzania is to enjoy the little things in life and not to stress your life away like here.. Pole pole is our new motto..

Marion, Bernard and Albert thanks again for this great experience and we will be back!!!

Hakuna Matata

Martino and Miliani