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Marion & Ben

About Us

Ben Fatael SumariCaracal Tours & Safaris Ltd, Tanzania is owned by Bernard (Ben) and supported by Marion Sumari. Ben was born in Arusha and has wide-ranging experience as safari driver-guide. Marion is from The Netherlands and has traveled to Tanzania many times to do research and voluntary work. Together they form the perfect team to advice you about your trip. Ben is mainly responsible for conducting safaris and Marion for the bookings. Furthermore, they have other staff such as guides, porters and administrative staff. Don't hesitate to contact them.

Bernard Sumari

Ben: "I was born in 1984 in Arusha and I grew up on the lower slopes of Mount Meru, which is based in Arusha NP. My tribe is Meru, which is the largest tribe in Arusha Region. Because I really love nature, I decided to go to Wildlife College in Arusha. There I got certificates on wildlife mammals, birds, botany and geography of Tanzania and the national parks. In addition I got a driving license for carrying tourists. I have experience as a driver guide in the spectacular Northern parks of Tanzania since 2005. I worked with several companies where I gained a lot of experience in tour operating. This made me think of starting my own company. I do many safaris myself, as I simply love the job. My target is not only to bring the tourists in tours and safaris, but also to assist in keeping the environment clean. This is important, because then we can save nature and keep the existent nature that my country and Africa is proud of. Also, by keeping the environment clean we will be able to continue offering tours and safaris in the future."

Ben and MarionMarion Sumari-de Boer

Marion: "I was born in 1981 in the Netherlands. Since 2006, I have traveled to Tanzania many times to do voluntary work and to do research. Because I fell in love with this country and its people, I decided to move to Tanzania in 2010. During previous trips, I went on safari several times. The beautiful landscapes and the variety of animals in the national parks of Tanzania amaze me every time and again. I love to drive through the endless plains of Serengeti NP and seeing the animals closely. I think everyone should see the wonderful nature of Tanzania. Therefore,next to my job as a researcher in the local hospital, I love to organise trips for tourists so they can have an unforgettable experience in Tanzania. Also, I think it is important to deal with environmental issues and fair business so tourists can continue to visit the national parks in future."

The Caracal

The Caracal

The caracal is one of the unique small cats on the savanna. It specialises in eating birds, but it also eats small mammals. This cat has long back legs that help it to jump into the air to catch birds as they take off from the ground and large mobile ears for acute listening to prey in the grass. To find the caracal in the savanna is very hard, however, we will do our level best to try to give you the chance to see it.

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